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Direct Concepts is a Business-to-Business Lead Generation Company

There's no business like new business and we can help. Direct Concepts, LLC is a business-to-business lead generation company, based in Louisville, Kentucky. Our focus on high quality appointments sets the path for our clients to gain new business. Successful projects are achieved by adhering to five key components.

5 Key Components


The List

  • The list is the foundation for a successful program.
  • Proper targeting is the most important aspect of marketing campaigns.
  • Direct Concepts thoroughly analyzes prospect databases prior to beginning campaigns.
  • The best possible lists are targeted to ensure that the correct decision makers are being contacted.

The Script

  • Direct Concepts develops customized scripts specific to clients' programs.
  • Our approach is defined by well written scripts delivered naturally.
  • Prior to a campaign, drafts of scripts are prepared and presented to the client for further refinement.
  • As the program progresses, the script is continually refined to further develop a compelling 2-way dialogue.
  • We proactively solicit input from our business development associates to help further refine the script.

The Business Development


  • Direct Concepts maintains a group of business development associates that utilize the latest in enhanced calling technology to provide lead generation services for business-to-business clients.
  • We seek associates possessing a 4 year college degree and a minimum of 3 years business-to-business experience.
  • Direct Concepts retains a group of highly specialized business development associates who possess a high degree of knowledge specific to the campaign.
  • Associates are able to articulate complex business-to-business projects in a concise, transparent and highly professional manner.
  • All associates possess advanced written and verbal communication skills.
  • Retention rates for business development associates are well above the industry standard.

The Supervision

  • Quality is assured by live and recorded monitoring to facilitate ongoing progress. Upon request, recordings will be provided to clients for review and feedback.
  • Regular feedback sessions, internally and with clients, are conducted to provide for continual improvement in script delivery, product knowledge, overcoming objections and answering questions.
  • Calling associates are actively encouraged to share their insight into programs to further enhance the overall results.

The Product or Service

  • Direct Concepts performs high end business-to-business projects with high ROIs.
  • Calling associates must fully understand our clients' products and services before the first call is made.
  • Research and training sessions are standard preparatory measures and ongoing practices.
  • Our goal is to represent our client’s' products or services in a seamless transparent manner, as if they were being presented by the clients themselves.
Beneficiaries of our Service
  • Franchises
  • Better Business Bureaus
  • Economic Development Organizations
  • Publishing Companies
  • Gas and Electric Services Providers
  • Industrial Manufacturing Companies
  • Grass Roots Political Advocacy Organizations
  • Financial Planners
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Service Companies
  • Information Technology Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Building Contractors
  • Credit Card Processors
  • Solar Technology Companies
  • Real Estate Marketers
  • Ad Agencies
  • Mobile App companies
  • Staffing Service Providers