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B2B Cold Calling

Utilizing a highly targeted up-to-date list, Direct Concepts puts the client in touch with the correct decision maker for their product or service. Our lists are continually refined by using over 100 different filters. We connect clients with the decision makers having the highest likelihood of purchasing the product or service.

B2B Direct Mail With Appointment Setting Follow-Up Calls

Direct Concepts uses a vast array of traditional and non-traditional direct mail products. Many of these are tied to internet direct response and social media platforms. Direct mail products help produce immediate awareness prior to the first call being made, which assists in paving the way to a successful introduction of clients’ products or services.

Seminar Invitation Calls

Direct Concepts takes a unique approach to the challenge of filling a room with qualified prospects. With intense planning, careful timing and close attention to detail, Direct Concepts has completed over 1,000 seminar programs.

Collateral Piece Development

With over 30 years of experience, we offer copywriting, design and layout of collateral pieces, and proofreading services. We work with the client in preparing written content for brochures and web pages, as well as successful scripting for seminar and appointment setting campaigns. Direct Concepts assists clients by producing compelling prospect-focused dialog to drive sales.

Database Updating

The list is an integral part of the calling program. As such, Direct Concepts provides data scrubbing, de-duping and list maintenance services to maximize clients' list investment.

Ancillary Products and Services

Direct Concepts offers a variety of the latest in cutting edge marketing programs. One of our most popular programs is PURL (Personalized URLs). We help our clients to combine the power of direct mail with the benefits of the internet. By creating PURLs for each customer, and giving each customer a unique online destination, the client converts more direct mail recipients into qualified prospects and lifetime customers. PURLs track and identify customers who have viewed a specific web page.

Beneficiaries of our Service
  • Franchises
  • Better Business Bureaus
  • Economic Development Organizations
  • Publishing Companies
  • Gas and Electric Services
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Grass Roots Political Advocacy
  • Financial Planners
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Service Companies
  • Information Technologies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Building Contractors
  • Credit Card Processors
  • Solar Technology Companies
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Ad Agencies
  • Mobile App companies
  • Staffing Services